I started this mural with the idea that I'd finish it within a week. It actually took me about 3. Like everything else I've done in my life, I ran into problems from the start; the dirt in front of it was too soft for a scissor lift, so i borrowed some scaffolding from a friend. When that scaffolding was thought of as unsafe by the owner, I had to buy large sheets of wood to lay over the dirt, and borrowed Francisco Vargas' small scissor lift.
On one of the many nights I spent there, the lift's wheels broke through the wood, and got stuck in the dirt. There was no way my girlfriend's Saturn would pull this 2000lb beast outta the dirt, so I called my night owl-brother at 3 a.m. who was happy to try out his new military grade rope (550 cord). Aunna helped me fill in the large areas. Christian Vargas helped me straight line the triangles. Steve and Tracy Ruppel took these photos.
Màs Cercas Mis Dientes, Que Mis Parientes. 2010.